Amelia / The First Year / Baby Plan

It is always so amazing to get to watch 'my' newborns grow! When families book a Baby Plan with me, I get to be a part of their little one's milestones, and capture those moments for them! I have loved getting to see Miss Amelia's personality grow and develop over the past year <3

She was such a good little sleeper for us during her Newborn Session. Just look at those cheeks!

Mom & Dad brought in this adorable Mini Mouse hat, and with each session, there was a Mini Mouse incorporated. :)

Amelia's four month session we got to capture some Baby's First Christmas images.....and she was so, so serious during that session! I just loved her First Christmas jammies....seriously, how cute is that car with the tree on top?!

But at the end, we were able to squeeze out an adorable smile and of course Mini Mouse made her appearance!


Her eight month session fell near Easter, and look who they brought with them.....Mini Mouse dressed as a bunny! :D

Amelia was sitting up like a champ and her smiles came a little easier than her four month session. Of course we had to capture those baby 'rolls' before she starts to grow out of them <3

After capturing Amelia's first three sessions in Studio, we ventured out to Hovey Pond to celebrate her turning one!! Rebecca sent me images of outfits they were going to bring, and I knew this pink and blue dress would be gorgeous for family images. Rebecca did an awesome job coordinating her & Tim's clothing with Amelia's dress! Aren't they such a beautiful family?!

Being a July baby, we grabbed a few red, white, & blue images of this little firecracker! 

And Mickey Mouse made an appearance to go with Amelia's Mini Mouse One Year outfit.....that hugging Mickey Mouse though...ugh, tugs right at my momma heart strings! 

Thank you Rebecca, Tim, & Amelia for allowing me to be a part of this first year with you! 

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These Kiddos Have My Heart — The Wise Children

Seriously, these little kiddos are some of my favorites! I first got the chance to photograph them when mom was pregnant with baby number three, Landen. Since then I have had the opportunity to photograph this family multiple times and share in some of their special moments. It has been amazing watching not only these little ones grow, but the family as well, adding a fourth little one! And every time I see them, the girls just pick right up and talk and play with me like an old family member.

Recently I caught up with them to do a quick little session to capture some updated images of each kiddo. As per usual, Ava & Kara were ready and willing, totally playing up for my camera. And in true Landen fashion, he wanted nothing to do with it and made me work for it :) Greyson, well, he gave me a couple good little rounds of just hanging out and letting me capture him. But he did also have a period of roaming, much like his brother, where I had to keep up with him. But it was a gorgeous evening for their session, and I was so happy to be able to capture a handful of images of this season of their life!