Raina / Newborn Session / Baby Plan

10lbs of adorable squish that I got to snuggle and pose!

Miss Raina was such a good little 'model' for her Newborn Session. Just look at how gorgeous she is all snuggled up with Mom & Dad <3

Jessica participated in my personal project, Together: Bringing Loss to Light; so as a fellow loss momma, I knew we needed to incorporate something special to honor the baby they lost and Raina being a Rainbow Baby. As I worked on settling Raina into this rainbow 'flower' Jessica kept telling me how much she loved this set up. Jessica, I hope the final image is as amazing as you envisioned it! <3

'You are my sunshine' holds a special meaning for this family, and they brought with them this adorable little stuffy with a 'you are my sunshine' outfit. And the yellow headband they brought along worked perfectly with the yellow wrap I had in studio!

Of course we needed to capture those 'baby rolls'! ;)

I love when families want to incorporate special items. Jessica saved the local paper from the day that Raina was born and also brought this little rock with Raina's astrology sign on it. I just had to add a pair of my newborn 'reading' glasses!

Thank you Jessica, Buddy, & Raina for allowing me to be a part of this very special time in your life <3

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Amelia / The First Year / Baby Plan

It is always so amazing to get to watch 'my' newborns grow! When families book a Baby Plan with me, I get to be a part of their little one's milestones, and capture those moments for them! I have loved getting to see Miss Amelia's personality grow and develop over the past year <3

She was such a good little sleeper for us during her Newborn Session. Just look at those cheeks!

Mom & Dad brought in this adorable Mini Mouse hat, and with each session, there was a Mini Mouse incorporated. :)

Amelia's four month session we got to capture some Baby's First Christmas images.....and she was so, so serious during that session! I just loved her First Christmas jammies....seriously, how cute is that car with the tree on top?!

But at the end, we were able to squeeze out an adorable smile and of course Mini Mouse made her appearance!


Her eight month session fell near Easter, and look who they brought with them.....Mini Mouse dressed as a bunny! :D

Amelia was sitting up like a champ and her smiles came a little easier than her four month session. Of course we had to capture those baby 'rolls' before she starts to grow out of them <3

After capturing Amelia's first three sessions in Studio, we ventured out to Hovey Pond to celebrate her turning one!! Rebecca sent me images of outfits they were going to bring, and I knew this pink and blue dress would be gorgeous for family images. Rebecca did an awesome job coordinating her & Tim's clothing with Amelia's dress! Aren't they such a beautiful family?!

Being a July baby, we grabbed a few red, white, & blue images of this little firecracker! 

And Mickey Mouse made an appearance to go with Amelia's Mini Mouse One Year outfit.....that hugging Mickey Mouse though...ugh, tugs right at my momma heart strings! 

Thank you Rebecca, Tim, & Amelia for allowing me to be a part of this first year with you! 

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Alanna Joy / Newborn Session / Baby Plan

This sweet girl's arrival was such an anticipated event.

And now that she is finally here, you can tell just how much she is loved every time you are around or talk to her family. I am so honored to be a part of this journey with them and get to witness just how loved she is. <3

For Bubs & Myranda's maternity session (blog post here), I handmade a flower crown for Myranda in honor of their angel baby. And with the extra flowers, I made a matching newborn crown. Myranda & Alanna wore their matching flower crowns for a family image during the newborn session! I just love creating images with that 'extra' little something to make them special to my clients.

Myranda and I had discussed other options for honoring their angel baby and celebrating their 'rainbow' baby, Alanna. I'm sure that anyone who knows Myranda, knows how much she loves doing her nails. The first time I went to her house to help select outfits, I saw her vanity that was literally covered in bottles of nail polish! I don't think I have ever seen so many bottles in one spot, besides on the store shelves, lol! So I knew that would be something we had to incorporate somehow. Then we came up with the idea to intertwine both ideas, the nail polish and rainbow baby, by painting Alanna's fingernails with rainbow colors! Myranda did a little research and found this awesome kid-friendly, non-toxic brand, Piggy Paints! How adorable are those baby nails?!

Of course we couldn't leave Bubs out! As an avid golfer, he brought in a few of his golfing items. During the session, I joked with him that he could have brought in his golf polos and we could have made a rainbow with those....he has almost every color you can get! lol

Bubs & Myranda, you two are not only an amazing couple, but you are already amazing parents! I can not wait to watch Alanna grow over the next year and capture the big milestones for you all. <3

A big big thank you to my girl Krystal at Brayton Photography, for once again being an amazing assistant during Bubs, Myranda, & Alanna's session.

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