Bubs & Myranda / Maternity / Baby Plan

Bubs & Myranda's maternity session was everything I love.....a fun couple, gorgeous mama to be, amazing location & weather/light, and a couple who said, "we trust you, do whatever you want." and then listened to all my suggestions/recommendations from styling of outfits to location! <3

I first met Myranda when she answered a call I put out for a personal project Together: Bringing Loss to Light, about pregnancy & infant loss. When she came in to my studio for her session for the project, we instantly 'clicked'.  A few months after she shared her loss story with me, she contacted me to say that she was pregnant again (yay!) and wanted to book a baby plan. I was not only ecstatic for her and Bubs, but I was so excited to get to share in this journey with them and document it.

We chatted about details and style for their maternity session, and when she chose this beautiful white bohemian style dress, I knew we had to photograph the session at Crown Point, NY. I spent an evening at her house going through their wardrobe to help coordinate Bubs outfit with her dress and select accessories too! Not only was it a great way to help take the stress off of her in figuring all that out on her own, but it gave us another chance to build a relationship, which is so important when portraying a couple's personalities in their images.

Knowing that Myranda & Bubs had previously lost a baby, I knew I had to incorporate something special into a few images to honor their first child. After chatting with Myranda about ideas, I ended up surprising her with a flower crown that I handmade, using deep red flowers in reference to the baby's birthstone color. During the session, there was this gorgeous hill filled with 'wishing flowers' that could be seen through an opening in the stone structure. The combination gave us the significant & special images that honor their first baby.

We planned a second outfit and right after they had changed, the cloud coverage (that was perfection for the first half of the session) shifted and this gorgeous setting sun was in the most wonderful location to grab a few amazing sunburst images.

Then we walked over to another location and found this, what we deemed, a pregnant mother tree. This tree had a bend in it that replicated a pregnant mother's belly. And that sunset lit the sky exquistily to grab some silhouette images.

Literally, all of a sudden it looked like the sky was on fire!

I can not wait to meet this little one and share in this family's growing joy.

A huge thank you to my girl Krystal from Brayton Photography for assisting me with this session.

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A Beautiful Journey

I first met Krystle about 5 years ago, as a client. It doesn't seem possible does it Krystle?!. We instantly became friends. It's not hard to see why, she is such a beautiful soul. I've been blessed to capture many life changing moments for her over these last handful of years. She has always been one of my biggest supporters, and I can't thank her enough <3

So when she told me last spring that she was expecting baby number two, I told her we needed to capture the progression. These months, while you are living them, seem so long. So long before you will meet that little one. So long before you hold them for the first time. 

But when you look back, it wasn't so long. It went faster than you thought. And you suddenly have this little human in your arms. You suddenly have your heart flooded with this love you didn't know was possible.

But each month we captured a small piece of that beautiful journey. We stopped time for an instant. We created a way to see those 'long moments' that went by too quick. A way to bring back those emotions, thoughts, hopes, that may have been forgotten until your eyes looked at the images. A way to remember, so one day, you can tell the story to that little human you created, when they are no longer so little.

Thomas & Katie Await Abigail's Arrival

After their session, they came in for their reveal & ordering session, where they would see the final images for the first time. I loved seeing their reactions! They were speechless and blown away, and I could not have asked for a better response, it lets me know that I did my job :) We watched the slide show of their images a couple of times before we went through each image, and then Thomas wanted to watch it one more time before they left. However, part way through, it had some technical issues. So instead of featuring a few images from their session, here is the slide show! This way Thomas can watch it again, and they can share with their family & friends <3

Be sure to check back in the next few weeks for images of their bay girl Abigail, as she is due to arrive very soon! I'm so looking forward to meeting this little 'lady bug'.