Angela & Dan / Maternity Session

Maternity sessions hold a special place in my heart to photograph. These handful of months (what sometimes feels like years lol) pass so quickly, and it’s a time when a woman’s body is doing such incredible things; you know, like creating another human! As a mom who’s been through multiple pregnancies, I completely understand the moments of uncomfortableness, feeling huge and unattractive. But let me tell you, it’s one of the most beautiful times in your life! I love to document that and show you how gorgeous you truly are in those moments. <3


Angela and Dan received a maternity & newborn session as a baby shower gift, what an awesome gift right?! They were recently in the Erin Marie Photography Studio for their maternity session and let me tell you, they were so much fun to work with! Angela and I had chatted beforehand and I was able to gather that she really liked silhouette images and a very simplistic style to the images. I advised her on what would work best in clothing choices to achieve the type of looks she liked. Just look at that gorgeous baby bump!


While maternity sessions generally focus on momma-to-be and her growing belly, I love to capture images of parents together in this special time of their lives. And like most loving and supportive significant others, while Dan might not have cared so much about being photographed; he was a great sport and followed my directions when included in images. Though I think his favorite parts of the session were probably when I would tell him he could sit and relax for a few minutes while I photographed Angela :D


I can not wait to meet and photograph their little one, very soon!


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