Binx — Business Highlight

As a mom to three little ones, I love to find items and businesses that are something I think other moms would love to know about too. And when I found Binx and learned what she offers, I knew I had to share it with you all!

Ilissa is the amazing woman behind Binx and she is so fun and easy to talk with. I just loved chatting with her and learning more about her business! offers sleep coaching, carseat checks, and gear cleaning. Ilissa provides coaching for parents and one on one sleep plans. She had seen sleep coaching being offered all around the nation, but not in this area. Being that she previously was a Nanny and saw a need for sleep coaching in our area, Binx was born. And how fitting that the name Binx stands for 'binkies' or 'pacifiers'?!

Ilissa really loves what she does. She understands it's a big investment, but her success is based on your success. She is right there along the way with you, offering support and guidance. Her coaching is alined with each individual family's needs.

Sleep is a major part of our own and our children's health, and we all need to take that seriously. Remember to support yourself as a parent and make educated choices that are right for your family.

She shared one of her most memorable experiences with me, saying that the client has given her permission to share the story with others: The client said to Ilissa, 'every night I stand at my sink and cry because I know what is to come in the next hours." Three days later they were having 12 hour nights. "You changed our lives." Ilissa's client told her. How amazing that must have been, both for the mother to have full nights of sleeping, and for Ilissa to know she helped with that family's accomplishment.

Besides sleep coaching, you might spot Ilissa around Saratoga at some of her favorite local spots and events, like 2 Birds One StoneReading MamaThe Petite Retreat, or Healthy Living Market's cooking classes.