Saratoga Mama — Business Highlight

I recently had the privilege of meeting up with Colleen, the awesome woman behind SaratogaMama. And what a fun meeting it was! It was like chatting with an old friend. Our motherhood days sounded so familiar we could almost have been raising the same child, haha.

I first stumbled upon Colleen's site a couple years ago. But as so often happens, life got in the way, and I didn't really get to explore it. I recently came across it again and as I clicked through it, I loved what she was offering to the local communities. SaratogaMama is a great resource for families in Saratoga County and beyond, as it's an amazing platform to connect the people living here with local businesses & resources. Just check out the Around Town section!

Colleen started the site because she saw a need for a dedicated resource for families and there was not a centralized resource in our area. One of her favorite things about SaratogaMama has been connecting with local businesses and owners and hearing their stories. Many of those relationships have turned into lasting friendships over the years! She loves visiting and working with Northshire Book Store and Healthy Living Market, two great independant retailers that do so much for the community.

I asked Colleen how her business has impacted her life, and she answered: "My kids get to see me working, pursuing something, and running a business." If that isn't an amazing impact for a family, I don't know what is. It's always a blessing to be able to show our young ones the amazing things that we/they can accomplish.

While a typical 'business' day for Colleen consists of meetings, phone calls, emails, and on the go enjoying being in the community, her 'family' days are just that, family. They are an adventurist family, packing lunches and getting up and going. Maybe a hike, going to a museum, or even a day trip. They just love to get out and enjoy the wonderful opportunities our area holds. They love Saratoga in the summer and the many events at SPAC.

Being that family is important to Colleen, I asked if they ever have any input into the business. She said the kids have lots of ideas and get to help with some input to the magazine. "If my kids like it, then I'm sure readers will too!" 

Her most memorable experience so far with her business was her first magazine. "Taking something that was a 'pie in the sky' idea and making it something tangible." She felt a labor of love and couldn't believe she was actually holding it in her hands.

A piece of advice she offered to new, up & coming businesses/owners is, "to look at everybody as someone who could help you or be a stepping stone. Make and keep great relationships."