High School Musical — Local Happenings — Family Friday's

I tend to be a shy, quiet person until I get to know people (probably why I love being behind the camera, not in front of it!). Back in my high school days it was no different. I had an amazing group of friends, all of whom where talented in their own ways. Many of them were active in the school's drama club, and eventually they pulled me in.

Instead of having to be on stage, I became a back stage helper, and eventually an assistant director on a couple of shows.

enjoy this little throw back image :)

and another little drama club throw back image

The friendships, bonds, camaraderie that was built with so many students during those months of learning lines, dance moves, songs, building sets, props, and sometimes wardrobes, is something that can only be truly understood by those that participate.

But when you go to your local school, and you watch these students perform plays and/or musicals, it's something that truly moves you. The parents of the participating students, they get it. They know how many hours their child has spent preparing for these 2 or 3 performances. And when those students finish their final show, it's an ending. An ending to something amazing that they built, together. And for some, it will just be a beginning. A beginning of a new friendship. A beginning of a love for performing. A beginning for a love of directing. A beginning for a love of designing. A beginning for a love of art.

So if you are looking for something to do this weekend, I encourage you to check out your local high school's play or musical. I encourage you to support them. To show those students that they matter. That they are amazing. That this performance, be it their first, or their last (of their HS career) was something not to be forgotten.

I know I'll be checking out my alma mater, Hudson Falls High School's production of 'Once Upon a Mattress' this weekend.

Were you in drama club back in your high school days? I'd love to hear one of your favorite memories, post it in the comments!