Be You — A Reminder

Last night I saw this new commercial. When it started, I had no idea what they were selling, or who the brand was. But I was drawn in right from the start. When the first text line appeared, "a piano has 88 keys" I didn't know where they were going with this commercial. But when the third text line appeared, and the pianist switched pianos, the message was clear. 

In a world of billions of people, we try hard to 'fit in' and be like other people. But what makes this world so amazing, is the differences in all of us. We each bring something so special to the lives we touch each day. And maybe we just need a little reminder of that. I know I did.

This was a brilliantly thought-out commercial, and excellently executed. It's more than just a commercial, it's a piece of art.

This second video is how they created the commercial and an extended version of Ji playing the piano.