A Beautiful Journey

I first met Krystle about 5 years ago, as a client. It doesn't seem possible does it Krystle?!. We instantly became friends. It's not hard to see why, she is such a beautiful soul. I've been blessed to capture many life changing moments for her over these last handful of years. She has always been one of my biggest supporters, and I can't thank her enough <3

So when she told me last spring that she was expecting baby number two, I told her we needed to capture the progression. These months, while you are living them, seem so long. So long before you will meet that little one. So long before you hold them for the first time. 

But when you look back, it wasn't so long. It went faster than you thought. And you suddenly have this little human in your arms. You suddenly have your heart flooded with this love you didn't know was possible.

But each month we captured a small piece of that beautiful journey. We stopped time for an instant. We created a way to see those 'long moments' that went by too quick. A way to bring back those emotions, thoughts, hopes, that may have been forgotten until your eyes looked at the images. A way to remember, so one day, you can tell the story to that little human you created, when they are no longer so little.